The Love Factor

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Not only does He love us, but He IS love. Love heals. It covers over a multitude of sins. It is the substance that undergirds our life experience. If we don’t have it, we’re just noise makers, clanging our cymbals, trying to get others to look at us – but empty inside. This is what the Bible tells us, right?  But what does it all mean?

This morning during my prayer and quiet time, I had so many things swimming around in my head. So many prayer requests, so many thoughts about my family and friends, so many thoughts about the state of the world that we live in to the point of distraction. I was also thinking about all that I had to do today and what I could feasibly cram into less than 24 hours.  Instead of sitting quietly before Him, I was anxious and fidgety.

Noise. I was tired even before the day started.

This wasn’t right. God our Father and Creator never meant for us to walk around  on egg shells with the cares of the world constantly pressing us down, wondering what’s lurking just around the corner to disrupt the calm of our days. I’m absolutely convinced that the world was “crazy” before I got here, so  me being overly concerned about it does nothing to make it better. Nothing. Absolutely, nothing. My focus is misplaced. He wants us to feel compassion, yes. He wants us to pray for others, yes.  But, consumed by burdens? no. It makes us ineffective in His Kingdom. If we’re clogged up with the weight of our circumstances or that of others, God can’t move freely through us to affect change. He wants us to be open so that His love can flow .  When I go to God in prayer, it shouldn’t be with the idea of getting things “fixed”,  at least  not in the sense that He’s my genie in a bottle or that it’s my begging and pleading that causes Him to move.  It’s not about me telling Him stuff. There’s nothing that I could ever tell Him that He doesn’t already know.  I believe that it’s our willingness to be used by HIM that causes HIM to move.

Our peace is not found in the perfection of life but rather our  surrender to His will – whatever that may be.  He already knows that the problem  is there. He’s just  waiting on us to say, “Okay, use me Lord”. He’s the Fixer. He’s the one who takes our messiness and turns it into a thing of beauty. I’m just the vessel. It’s His love pouring through us that changes things.

LORD, this day, as I sit before your Holy Presence

I make the conscious choice to praise You instead of griping!

I tuck my list of prayer requests in my pocket for another day. (You already know what they are)

I open my heart to you.

I surrender my will.

Fill me with your love today.

Teach me to be an open vessel for change.

This is my prayer.

In Jesus’ name. Amen

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